Play Dough and Slime mean FUN!

Have some fun with your kids with these recipes for Play dough and Slime!

Children love to be involved in making these fantastic recipes. The no cook play dough makes this a great task to enjoy with your kids as there is no need for using the stove at all. It’s all about mixing together using your hands and having fun while doing it. Better still, you are able to make it up easily from ingredients already in your cupboard.

Not only is making play dough and slime great for your child’s fine motor skills, it is also a great teaching tool for kids to learn about  mixing colours to make even more amazing colours. Why not divide the dough and use different colours for each piece? Just remember to add the food colouring in with the water and oil.

Each time you make it, try combining different colours when adding the food colouring and see how many colours you could come up with. You could also add some glitter to either of these recipes for a different texture and look. Not to mention that the kids love it. It then becomes ‘magic’ play dough or slime.

Give them some shapes (cookie cutters, plastic shapes, etc.), rolling pin and some kids safety scissors to use with the play dough and let them have fun as their imagination runs wild. 🙂

Store the Playdough and the Slime in air tight containers or plastic bags.
What colours would your child like to make?


No cook Play Dough

2 cups of plain flour
1 cup salt
1 tablespoon of cooking oil
1/2 to 1 cup of cold water
food colouring

Combine the flour and salt.
(If you have some in the cupboard you could also add 1 tablespoon of Cream of Tartar, this will help with elasticity, but is not absolutely necessary if you happen to have none available.)
Add water and food colouring and the oil.
Mix the ingredients until combined.
Knead well. (this is the fun part)
Add more water if it is too dry or more flour if it is too wet.


Cornflour (amount depends on how much you would like to make)
Food colouring

Place cornflour in the bowl.
Stir the cornflour while you pour in the water, a little at a time.
Add some food colouring and keep drizzling in water and stirring until a thick slime forms.

Play Dough Fun

Kids love to ‘play’ with Play Dough.


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